• 1-Hour Facelift in Tulsa, OK

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    For a Facelift in Tulsa, OK, get the CosmoLift on at the Masters Clinic.

    Facelift in Tulsa, OK

    Everybody’s face ages differently, we are all unique. A person’s heredity, their exposure to the sun, whether they are smokers or not can all make a difference in how they age. Even whether or not you are a happy person or somebody that has a bad attitude can determine how your skin ages. Your family’s gene pool will show up through wrinkles and a saggy neck. Your eyes and forehead will reflect wear and tear as well.

    Each of these flaws has a different method to correct them. So whichever problem you have with your skin’s aging appearance, rest assured that there is a face lift choice for you. One choice that may be for you is the CosmoLift™.

    The CosmoLift™, also known as Sutures Suspension SMAS Lift, differs from the traditional Tulsa facelift. It is performed as an outpatient surgery with local anesthesia and is done within one hour. At the fourth of the cost for traditional surgical facelifts, this method is making headways quickly.

    In just one hour, you can have those drooping brows, checks, jowls or even your neck tightened up and has no scar. The improvement is seen immediately. There is no long bandaged down time and is long lasting!

    The CosmoLift™ is a better Tulsa facelift procedure compared to thread lift, contour lift or feather lift used in the past. They required the use of barbed sutures that are suspended to the fat. That method is without anchor to a deep stable tissue and it is possible for the lift to fail in a short time.

    The CosmoLift™ is minimally invasive that was developed in California. A tiny puncture incision is made in the scalp and introduces a non-absorbable suture that lifts and tightens the deep tissue that is drooping. This restores the contour of your face giving you back that vibrant, young look!

    For men and women in Tulsa, OK the CosmoLift is the best minimal evasive procedure money can buy.

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