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  • “Tulsa Skin Care Treatments and Services from the Masters Clinic”

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    We all have flaws with our skin and our bodies. Some are hereditary and some are from surgeries, weight gain, weight loss or accidents. For centuries, most people just accepted things the way there were and went on about their life. Fortunately though, here in the Tulsa area, we have Dr. Leslie Masters and The Masters Clinic providing a wonderful array of services in many areas that can correct those flaws.

    Do you have love handles, a muffin top, saddlebags or sagging chin and neck areas? Dr. Masters provides a Lipo Body Sculpting procedure that removes or reshapes those areas by utilizing a unique, imported canulas that disrupts the…

  • 1-Hour Facelift in Tulsa, OK

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    For a Facelift in Tulsa, OK, get the CosmoLift on at the Masters Clinic.

    Everybody’s face ages differently, we are all unique. A person’s heredity, their exposure to the sun, whether they are smokers or not can all make a difference in how they age. Even whether or not you are a happy person or somebody that has a bad attitude can determine how your skin ages. Your family’s gene pool will show up through wrinkles and a saggy neck. Your eyes and forehead will reflect wear and tear as well.

    Each of these flaws has a different method to correct them. So whichever problem you…

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